Thursday, September 19, 2013


    Here is some new music. This week we will be listening to something I think you should have access to. I happen to listen to radio sometimes, and I am so appalled. I am really frightened to think that of all the music that is coming out now, recently, in the past couple of years, the dumb dubstep, the techno, electronica, rave, I still have to listen to same old classic rock tunes I heard 20 years ago as a classic rock song even then. NO.
    You don't have to like it. I understand if you don't like it, really. I want you to have access to something different.

    PS You will also find a drawing I made a while ago. It's a picture of me during a particularly nasty drinking game of BEER PONG. Everyone playing, lost. The drawing is of course done in a shade of green, because you guys know I just have to. MANWASIDRUNK.

Sunday I was waiting for the bus in the San Fernando Valley. It was just past three p.m. I don't know if you know SoCal weather, much, but in September that can only mean one thing: HOT. I was quietly just waiting when I realized that for whatever few minutes I had been here, there was a warm breeze blowing through my shirt, keeping me cool and drying up my sweat. It was amazing. I just turned sideways to meet the wind. It was then that I was sruck with how amazingly lucky I am. I am also very blessed. No matter how much you hear me complain or whine, please make no mistake, I am able to do that because I am lucky enough to live where I am able to complain. Also, I must state, though, because I am so blessed to live in a country where I am allowed to protest without persecution (yet), I will speak out loudly about things I think can improve. There are so many people that don't have our feeedoms. There are people that are now imprisoned, and far worse, that cannot speak out. I do not take this for granted.There are freedoms I fear we may be losing soon. Privacy, anyone? It is because I am blessed and fortunate, that I speak out, or complain. I thank all of you that still follow manwasidrunk, despite our differences. I will continue to bring up points that are of interest and concern, while I am still able. I appreciate every single follower, now are you ready? Let's do this!! [| F | J |]

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