Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tuesday Jan 3, 2017


That wasn't so bad, first workday of the year over, second day about to begin, although I was late to work (thanks metro transit!). Everybody was very quiet at work, probably from lack of sleep and some hangovers. I just needed some rest, I kind of rested last night, I could use some more but this day is about to begin so no more rest today! It is Tuesday my little chimichangos! The first Tuesday of 2017. Their will be many more Tuesdays and we will share laughs and giggles on many of them this year as well as share many shocking jaw dropping moments in which I reveal surprising family secrets and toxic plans I've made against some of you and you'll get many a chance to throw a glass of white wine at the general direction of my face as everyone gasps (wait a minute...that doesn't sound right-sensible me), but that's for later. Today we celebrate the first Tuesday of the year, pretty soon we'll have a fat Tuesday but not today (unless you try real hard). Today, try to stay out of harms' way and gossipy negative people, chances are if they're talking about someone else, they probably talk about you too, behind your back, so stay away. Also stay away from people who complain without pausing to think about the good things in life. They drain you emotionally, and you will need to be emotionally fortified this year, we've got a lot to do. Are you guys ready? 2017! ManwasIdrunk.








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