Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday Jan 10, 2017


It seems like this year is chugging along just fine. Stuff is coming and getting done. It seems like 2016 never happened. Except it did. Some of the stuff getting done is presidential goodbyes and hellos. It is definitely going to be interesting as far as politics goes. It is going to be a presidential term in which to get politically involved in case you were waiting for a reason. I suggest you pick a topic you feel strongly about (education, medical availability, environment, immigration etc.) and get out there and become very vocal and involved, via Facebook and ANY social media you participate in. Let your voice be heard and get ready for the long haul. This administration has made it clear that it's intention is business business business and business is good for business. Human cost of being so pro-business for this administration? - WHO CARES. Well here at ManwasIdrunk, we're ready to hear from you guys in any creative and committed form you wish. Are you guys ready 2017? ManwasIdrunk.







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