Monday, January 30, 2017

Monday Jan 30, 2017

Well good Monday morning my little cupcakes of blueberries and joy! We begin another week, trying to figure out what is coming at us weather-wise (it was very nice out here, but who knows about rain in the next couple of day). We begin another week of not knowing whether we will find love at the least expected moment in our day when we are not dressed for it, and have a mouth full of sandwich or chicken, and it won't matter because you're in love. We begin another week of uncertainty about the way the universe was created, sigh. What we are certain about is the need we have to stay focused and alert as to what lies will come pouring out of the Washington! We have to remain calm and keep our ears open, when the news report some insane proposition that cannot possibly be real, but is. We have to remain calm and be aware that this is not normal and we cannot say "I'M DONE" or "I'M TUNING OUT THE NEWS BECAUSE IT DEPRESSES ME". Yes it is depressing to see an individual attempt to destroy agencies and institutions that were put in place to protect us (NOT harm us), all for the sake of profit for a few. We like to monitor the climate and safe levels of carcinogens being put out by large companies, for our safety, and the safety of our future commercial endeavours (I would like to open a restaurant that serves delicious greasy southern food and ice sherberts) and future disco parties (yes, many). So just stay calm and get your e-mails ready so you can send off a fiery one to you local representative and senator, so they'll know how we feel and can represent our needs with conviction. Let's not go quietly! OK are you guys ready? New week! ManwasIdrunk!

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