Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday Jan 12, 2017

OH OH. The week is coming to an end and it's been so wet everyday that I've not been able to get some sun soaked walk through the park while wearing shorts time. I may have to go this week without showing off my gams to the world, what to do? What to do? Just kidding I don't really get a chance to walk in the park, since I'm usually working during the daytime. I did get my umbrella stolen yesterday as I watched it and filled and order at the pharmacy. I left my umbrella a minute while I ordered my prescription be filled constantly turning back to see my umbrella, then as I talked to pharmacist...for a MINUTE...I turned to see my umbrella and it took me a second look to notice it was gone. The brightly colored giant umbrella was gone. Not a clue as to what happened, because no one was near it and, must have been waiting till I turned, so sneaky! That's okay, I've got another umbrella thief!! HAHA. I'm ready for the rain (oddly enough, it's just been raining for a couple of minutes in the morning then the rest of the day it's fine, sunny even until the next day). How about you guys? Are you guys ready? It's Thursday! ManwasIdrunk!

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