Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday Jul 20, 2016

Gooooood Wednesday morning my little PupNtacos! It is the middle of the week. I cannot believe how restless my sleep was last night! I kept waking up startled or simply trying to sleep was a chore! I can only imagine too much caffeinated drinks throughout the day was the culprit. What a fiasco. Hope this hasn't happened to you, because it is such a drain. Now the day begins, and we will be on the this crazy train, on the move, Rocking It. We now have the official Republican party candidate to run for the presidency of these United States of America. How exciting. No really, it is exciting. He may live in the white house soon, put there by an angry rancorous set of Americans, that don't mind putting a media clown and the worst type of social whore that these times can birth (and rebirth, full-on fake afterbirth each time; yea fake just for show,  because it's got to look sincere).
   I get it;  feeling hate towards an uncertain world, fearful of the future and your place in it. I actually sincerely do get it. I've met fear, thank you very much.  I just don't understand giving in to the fear, to hate. Giving In To The DARK SIDE,  if you will. Voting based on fear and because of hate for a president who actually HAS managed to make America GREAT AGAIN,  and choosing an unqualified celebrity with very public personal failures, several financial documented bankruptcies, who does not now or ever show an inclination or desire to be a public servant,  yet loudly wishes to take the reins of this country and all of us in it, and LEAD? well I'm speechless to say the least. My goodness, are you guys ready? It's Wednesday! Manwasidrunk. Peace

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