Thursday, July 7, 2016

BLACK LIVES MATTER-Thursday Jul 7, 2016

A very good morning to you my petite cakes of the pan! As many of you guys know every so often I am declaring my allegiance or disagreement with someone or something. I commit my allegiance today to the power of the DANCE. I will do my very best to perform and execute (partially or in full) the powerful and moving magic that is THE DANCE, whenever possible, at least once daily. There I said it. PHHEEWWW. That was harder to say than I thought, it was however, long overdue. Seriously though my dear sweet chimichangos, I am sure you know this: all lives matter, but when people say BLACK LIVES MATTER, we are speaking of a terrible tragedy that has gone on long and unchecked by popular opinion in The USA. Swept under the rug by the powers that be, for centuries. The treatment of black Americans is less than favorable when compared to their white counterparts. It is sadly (many) many times criminal. Let's shine a light, a cell phone camera light on this and take our pill like the grown up that we are. Let's face our institutional racism and let's deal. Sincerely manwasidrunk.  PEACE

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