Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tuesday Jul 19, 2016


Tuesday is here, fellas! I am sooo excited for this week and all the craziness that can come with the RNC,  Republican National Convention. I should remind you guys that it is a very real possibility that Donald Trump may be our next president. Hate can make people take dumb turns and make regrettable choices. People are angry (as is common during hard economic times, historically). Some people like dwelling and sitting in their own hate. Don't let yourself get pulled into this terrible disfunction. President Obama seems to have people who hate him no matter what he does, you can only imagine why, but don't get pulled into that cycle of hate. Don't allow yourself to vote just as a reaction or worse as a joke. THANK YOU ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. We need to keep moving forward and not be left behind as the world moves into the future. Ready My Chimichangos? Let's do this! Manwasidrunk






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