Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Jul 11, 2016

Gooooood Monday morning my sweet cupped cakes. It's the first day of a new work week, and we're ready to get to work. Had some grilled meats this weekend and so many drinks. Maybe next time they'll be adult drinks (alcohol included). Because we are adults and we need to start behaving accordingly. PARTY. Seriously though, we need to start behaving like adults and not slighted bratty kids, or vindictive reality show performers (because they're not stars, quit calling them that, folks). Let's grow up accept the fact that we have issues and start dealing with them. People are so scared of changes, when in reality that is the only constant. Let's be ready for change. Let's embrace change. None of this "the good ol' days". That never really existed. We just didn't have a voice for everyone. Hello internet. Welcome to Monday July 11 2016, are we ready? Because here we go. Manwasidrunk

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