Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday Jul 12, 2016


Gooooood Tuesday morning my sweet blueberry pastry treats! I am sooo excited that we are alive and because of that, we are in the position to change our lives. We are able to affect society and be an impact on the lives of others. I mean that BTW in a good way. I mention that because there are some of us that affect people in a negative way. Their impact is oppressive and intimidating on purpose. Don't be one of those people my chimichangos. We have to accept the world as it changes and society moves in the direction it will. Too many people fear change (myself included) and allow themselves to react negatively (I seek out change as an exercise in managing my fear). I know that change is kind of scary because we don't know what to expect. That can be a good thing, though. We need to stop fear and stop letting fear dictate our lives, while we still can. We will all be dust some day (yea, I know, right?). Then it  won't matter what you fear. Today, however we are alive and able to make shit happen. Good shit. So let's do that. Let us calm down the hysterical drama types,  who just want to retreat in to the fantasy world of " the way it used to be". Let's get them a blanky, and assure them into their favorite chair and get to work dealing with the future,  today and everyday, while we still can. We are moving into new times,  let's get excited! It's Tuesday people, are you guys ready? Manwasidrunk






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