Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mattachine bar DTLA. JAMES CERNE.  Tonight. SUNDAY.  Sunday Jul 17, 2016

Mattachine bar DTLA.  Tonight. SUNDAY. 

    This place, The Matachine Bar in DTLA really is kinda cool just by nature (design, actually- sorry). It is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA), one of the most populous cities in the modern world. This is the future incarnate. LA, it really is a wonder, even when you just want it to be a calm place with green lawns that you can rolkerskate your warm evenings through. Nope. You might bump into a drunk celebrity, trying to buy drugs to feel sober enough to do a photo-shoot or bypass a parole situation. THIS IS L*A. We had racial turmoil since well, sincerely forever. We are Mexican, whites, blacks and we we make beautiful babies. It's all the other stuff we need to work on. Stuff like social equality, political balance, understanding of our obvious differences, and then just moving on. Yes, you like tattoos in a certain area of the body, and anything else is unacceptable or a sin, now let's move on. Sure you think this land is solely yours, but it's A LOT of land and it kinda belongs to the Government. Even with your deeds. Let's move on. I am currently at a "gay bar" but who's gonna mind if you're not gay? Not me. I may ask you out for a burger, but all you have to say is no. Move on. Come and join us. Manwasidrunk
The view from Mattachine Bar , right now. SPINNING?  JAMES CERNE.

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