Sunday, June 21, 2015


Well hello there my little chipmonkey!! How we doing this lovely Sunday?? I am doing laundry and watering some plants (lightly because of the drought an all [thanks a lot water bottling companies and others that don't want to pay their dues to the H2O gods and the state of CA]). I have a new place and all that entails, fellas!!  I have to slowly organize my things, and still go to work, while still looking for better work. I ain't complaining. I'm just rattling off the things that we all have and are able to do. It's Sunday and I intend to take it slow. Enjoy the day, while I plow away, know what I'm saying? -you know... I'm gonna stop and smell the roses.
    I saw Jurassic World and it did not disappoint. I'm sorry about all the Chris Pratt posting (not really. NOPE. not really. I DO hope you all have been enjoying them as much as I have- I pick only the best quality, and most unique, even tho, I want to post alllllll- It's DINOSAURS + CHRIS PRATT- What a good year moviewise. I almost dies a little just thinking about it-I would rename this blog if possible. YAY DINOSAURS).

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