Friday, June 26, 2015


What is up dudes!!!! We made it to the weekend!!!! Friday is finally here. TGIF.
    TGIF may mean next to nothing if you don't have money, or if your schedule is independent of  the M-F workweek. It don't matter what day of the week it is, there is no money Monday, and there still is no money Friday. Saturday means there is ...nope still no money. But Sunday well we're tired of trying to find money after paying off the bills and rent (if you're lucky). So we're gonna try and not feel anything Sunday-right? Or I work Saturday BRIGHT AND EARLY, and Sunday I'm due in even earlier for the weekend rush, so FRIDAY don't mean shit to me. TGIF my ass.
    Well hamigos I know the feeling, trussss. We are approaching it the wrong way, however. It should not be seen as TGIF (Thank God It's Friday). "Thank heaven we made it to the weekend, now I can enjoy my cappuccino without being hurried ". Besides the fact that every day can still be enjoyed, regardless of the fact that you worked, simply by appreciating the people and things and abilities that you are blessed with in your life. Everyday is a good day to spend 20-30 minutes a day making someone else happy. This in turn makes you feel happy, trust me. Nothing works better at getting your mind off you and your woes than helping someone with bigger woes than you. Someone that has just broken up, divorced, has recently lost their job, had a tremendous loss in their life, whatever the case. Even a phone call to mom, she loves hearing from you (most of the time), and having you update her on your life, makes them so happy, funny, a simple call. If you can cheer someone up by simply visiting for 20-30 minutes, having a cup of coffee with them or bringing over a couple of doughnuts, why would you not? It works on so many level!! Just saying.
    TGIF my ass indeed. BE THANKFUL FOR EVERY DAY THAT WE ARE ALIVE AND CAN CHANGE THINGS IN OUR LIVES AND CAN AFFECT OTHERS IN OUR LIVES. Let's enjoy this life, shall we? Let us complain a little less and try to make things happen instead of just being a DEBBIE DOWNER, putting everyone and everything down, without giving it a chance. Let us try to connect with people, for just a couple of minutes a day, you will see the difference it makes. CAREFUL, though, some people get worried when you pay attention to them, because we have been so selfish and self-centered (don't blame us- that is how we were raised). There is always time to change, no worry. One day at a time. READY?-manwasIdrunk

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