Sunday, June 14, 2015

CHRIS PRATT !!!!! Boxes and Bags- Sunday

Boxes and Bags
What is uuuuup my sweet and tender hooligans? I am happy to report that even though I am not making as much money as I would like, and this is making my day to day a little stressful, I am so grateful for all I do have. And I would like to take this moment to remind me and anyone who may also need reminding that LIFE IS THE ONE THING NEEDED TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. When that is gone all bets are off and nothing more can be done. Good effort and all that.
    However, while I am alive, I would like to remind me that I should be happy to do as much as I possibly can to affect the world around me while I can. I am. Happy to affect, that is. I realize that some days I don't feel up to it, and all I want to do is crawl under a rock, but if I keep pushing and doing the things that help get me to my goal, whatever that is that day btw, I eventually come back up, and ready to go. I still am so shocked that a lot of the things going on in my life I actually wished for a few months ago, and once I figured that time management was in order (still a tough one, daily), that is in fact a big factor in gaining the happiness I require now. I want a goal oriented happiness, one with things going on;  sad, happy, important things and on different levels, while still maintaining my shit together and not stressing myself into a fetal position, yea..., I know. I am on the road to getting it together while juggling many things and maintaining my humanity. I have been proud of my progress at home and in my head for the past couple of days. I like me more.
    Hey guys, after work, I was gonna rush home today and try to figure out what was for dinner and organizing all the boxes and bags that hold my belongings, now (that is what happens when you move; boxes and bags). I was on my way home, and I turned back because of a realization. I had already left my job lot, and busy thinking of things I was gonna do at home, distracted, when I realized this older guy I had seen a few hours ago, in my place of work was still lingering around the parking lot. He seemed to have some issues when I encountered him a while before, I mean emotional issues possibly but functioning quite well: lucid and clear in conversation, but as I see many people that have many issues throughout the day, I continued focused on my jobly duties (not an actual phrase btw). However when it occurred to me that it was several hours later and this gentleman was still lingering about by himself and slightly rocking himself with purchases in plastic bag around his hand, I turned back around and made my way toward him. He was in the hot sun, and he became still and composed when I approached. I was aware that I might startle him and I introduced myself. Then I asked "are you alright?"
-"I'm waiting for my ride" he replied before I had finished my question. Once again he was very well spoken, crystal clear,  not unsure at all but defensive perhaps, almost as if practiced, as if he'd been asked this before.
"Oh okay", I replied
"Is there a bus that goes by here?" he asked immediately after.
"There sure is, right at the gas station, I pointed down the corner" I directed him to the bus stop. He got up. I walked ahead of him a few feet, when I noticed he was up and walking to the bus stop. I tried to make it seem like we were going in the same direction, and similar speed just a couple of feet ahead of him (hard to do as he walked very slow). I occasionally turned around and made sure he was following. When I reached the bus stop I waited for him and pointed out the bus signal stop. For whatever reason he was disoriented, and the hot sun could only make things worse. So I asked if he wanted something to drink, he seemed embarrassed and hesitated, looking into his pockets, but I know that being disoriented could just come from fatigue, thirst or hunger, especially if you forget to take a medication or skip a meal. Before he could fetch his dough, I said "I'll get you something to drink, you want a water or iced tea?" He said "whatever you like" I said wait here. I made a mad dash for the store and got him something to drink and eat. As I walked out the gas station store, I saw the bus was about to arrive, I again dashed to him and handed him the drink as he got on the bus. He said thank you and the bus was gone. It was like a movie, almost. Fellas, I tell you this because you don't know me, and it would therefore make no sense if I write this to make myself seem superior: You don't know me and cannot ask me if this really happened or give me props and such. I write this to say that it is me that gives thanks, I thank this gentleman who allowed me to assist him and in so doing for giving me back my humanity today.  LET'S HAVE A GREAT FUCKING WEEK- ManwasIdrunk!

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Interviewer: Your “Impotent” quote has been picked up by everyone!

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