Monday, June 15, 2015

overworked and underpaid -Monday

It seems that there is an excess of Chris Pratt material floating around the net...and I am soooo posting it. It's a great deal of stuff, yes, but who knows when we'll get to see the quality and quantity of pictures and gifs available right now. I hope you are all having a great week and will continue to play your cards right and  continue attempting to get some!!! jk
    I begin trying to rectify some changes that were done with my insurance company over the weekend, or rather I didn't know of until the weekend, when I needed them to not be changed because I had an appointment, but it was the weekend, when they are closed. So I had to wait, I am working for the first days of the week during office hours, so that is gonna make it difficult to contact them. They will at some point of the week, hear from me. I am keeping my cool and will continue to be patient when I really want to rip them a new one. The thing is, there is not a "one" to address or rip a new one on. I will get a service over and over until finally I connect with a person, that is probably overworked and underpaid, like so many of us. Sigh. -manwasIdrunk

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