Friday, June 12, 2015

Affording a place to live in hard times- CHRIS PRATT -Friday

HEY THERE MY LITTLE BRO-CHACHOS!!!  Well I have to report that I have a new home. My last home I couldn't afford anymore, and when that happens you have to move on, and find a place you can afford. I still live in the NOHO, that will always be my home, I gather, as long as the gentrification don't happen to soon and all the lower income places move away. I am here to state that I do have a place and there is always hope. I have been preoccupied with the moving and the medical issues and the big medical insurance issue plaguing a lot of people, not just me. So I am glad to say that these things going on, don't happen to us alone, we are not alone. It is society and we are a group, us USAers, it's not ideal right now, with the economy and the political shysters being what they are, and the climate deniers doing their malevolent work, and the racial divide that has always existed, but now we get to address in painful light of day. All of these not ideal. But that is what we do, as a group, as a society, we figure out what is wrong, and then out of the woodwork, from every corner and economic level ideas start coming and leaders start coming forth and taking lead in a coming together, of sorts. I will move again, I am sure, and I am sure one of those places I move to I will really enjoy and cannot wait to show off. In the meantime I am just happy to still be alive and be able to make a contribution, I am ready for big things and while I spend most of my time looking for another job, as many of you out there also are doing, and hoping that medical insurance issues get solved, as many people with worse medical conditions than myself need to be solved. I am willing to put in the work and keep posting to remind myself of the process that is keeping hope alive, instead of just getting trapped in the rat race. That is so 1980's. I am ready for this era, this time, are you? C'mon guys, are you ready?-manwasIdrunk

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