Wednesday, April 10, 2013


    Perhaps that's why I like pictures of plants and greenery.
    I have managed to transplant all the poor little plants that suffered the SoCali cold and survived, it doesn't seem too bad but some plants didn't make it. It can get cold at night, and some nights it did. The ones that did survive have a new bigger home. They have bigger pots and will surely grow and grow trying to reach the sun. Some of my plants were discards from friends and have a second and third life. I've managed to make cuttings from larger plants new little ones. Once a year about half manage to live and go on to get big and healthy. I like them all and gift them back to friends that make attempts at growing gardens it's a special kind of fun.
    I like to plant newer plants in recycled cans and containers, cleansed and washed out, of course. It looks dodgy and curious kind of eclectic and weird. If a plant survives a bit it gets transplanted to an actual pot and joins the plant family. It's more of a gang really. The plant gang.

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