Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday -I want companies to be more responsible for the quality of their service.

    I understand that we are all too busy to worry, but I do it any way. I worry that our economic situation isn't good enough to stop worrying about doing something and going on an acting on the worry. Action: the only thing that seems to make my worrying go away. It's what I do. I either worry or I do something about it.
     I'm still upset that companies are still operating under the rule that all is good as long as their making money and that nobody complains too loudly about them. I'm still upset that my internet connectivity is dependent on a company that doesn't give a shit about anything other than profit, same for my phone service and cable television. What about the fact that I need my interests looked after and that I need a company that will provide a service and not fuck away my privacy and the quality of the service. I don't want sub-par company to have a monopoly on a service that I utilize, and may need. I don't like it one bit. I'm mad about it, and I will gladly pay more for such a service, a better service. I want a service that is not going to be left in the hands of people that cannot communicate in my preferred language; ENGLISH. I don't like the fact that it's nearly impossible to get through to a companies customer service during my lunch hour. After work their customer service lines may be down for the day. I want companies to be more responsible for the quality of their service. If you suck as a company, then your goal should be to fix it.  Fix it.

What is up my shimmi shimmi cocoa puffs? how the heck have you been? LOOONG TIME no speak, (yesterday, yes, that can be a long time). I've been working on working up a sweat and the sweating business is pretty good. I've been putting on the micro-nylon shorts and hitting the streets and walking my chones off. The air quality is sending me wheezing and taking deep breaths and blowing my nose like crazy but it's cool, eventually I get used to it and my lungs kick into shape. I'm not really wearing micro-shorts, I'm not wearing anything at all when I do these walks, okay that's not true either. Halfway through my walks I really do wish I was nekid, it's so hard to breathe and it soooo hott!! C'mon let's get to it!! you can do it too. Are you guys gonna join me, too, or am I gonna do this alone today? -get up and turn off the television, put on your shoes and do it. I'll see you in the streets,


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