Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday - I wish more companies would give back to the communities that saw them grow when they were starting out.



The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


    I wish more companies would give back to the communities that saw them grow when they were starting out. These giant companies were once small companies, providing a service that customers were happy to see grow, I'm sure. I wish some companies would step up and bring the change that is required of them to advance our situation as a society, and it seems like they don't believe in the process. I think they imagine we as a people are only good to peddle products to and sell commercial spots for. But as an investment we leave a lot to be desired. While we are young, we may be their target market, we are not their first choice for investment. I imagine most companies want to invest in gold and technologies that will make their delivery services cheaper and faster, but mostly cheaper.
    For a company to invest in a community by providing safe haven for poor children to go after school is not popular enough with a company's investors. It would be very forward thinking of a company to provide any such shelter and have children grow up with a company's name associated with good memories, when the government is shrinking its funds for such nonsense. Forward thinking doesn't seem to be the important thing for now, maybe they'll just sit it out and wait to see what kind of future is in store for companies that just watched out for its investors' best interest.






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