Sunday, December 30, 2012


My dear chimichangos, as it happens, I am in the middle of the messiest ordeal that's happened in my place all year long, if not since I moved in. I am in the process of cleaning out everything and I do mean everything in here before the year is up. I intend to have the place spic and span before my new years eve partay, in which I will premier my new dance review Man was I drunk! now watch me dance!
It will be a sexy affair of sorts that will involve a lovely red shiny fabric that I picked up recently on one of my excursions to The world famous Downtown Los Angeles garment district, a thread and needle and skin colored undies.This dance event will also feature my new slimmer body and the neighbors cat dressed up like a monkey in fur coat. Acrobatic moves will be performed atop empty milkcrates that will surely make everyone gasp in wonder. Plenty of drinks will be served and I'm sure everyone will have a blast! ABLAST!

Just in case none of the dancing happens because I am too tired, I will be happy to just have the place clean from wall to wall and including, but not limited to; every single piece big and small: Tupperware containers. BAM! Or like my upstairs neighbors' kid likes to sing along to in his loudest and proudest voice: This girl is on fire!!

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