Monday, December 3, 2012


5 Moves in 5 Minutes - Daily Anti-Aging Exercises

Over the years I've learned a couple of things.
sometimes after much trial and error
(so many trials and oh the errors  x-) ).
If I can make it easier on one person
by sharing my experiences, than I will so
be the man, in my kingdom at least.
With that in mind let us proceed.

I don't feel you need any substance to get
in an altered state, a higher state of being.
I think we pay too much for alcohol.
If you take 15-30 minutes to meditate,
in a variety of manners, you can be
as giddy and loose and carefree as any
cocktail or shot of anything can make you. Alcohol
works because it is a quick fix. And there is
money to be made. Both of which are big deals.
Alcohol, it's shortcut if you will
Two drinks and it's on, right? Your mind
is so powerful, if given the chance. That is
if you don't dull it with too much television,
or slow down with chemicals, or
fatty foods that flood your bloodstream and
slow you down.
I believe that each and everyone of us holds
in our bodies and mind what we need
to overcome so much including depression and alienation.
I believe together we can solve any problem.
I think the way you get goosebumps when
you hear a great song may have something to
do with it.The way a crisp morning when no one else is around
makes us feel, is key.If you can find a way to achieve
those feelings or draw on or draw it out for
an extended couple of minutes while you gather
your wits about you, and really see your place
in this day, in this world and in the people
around you, and you do this regularly,
like exercise, then you settle into a fast-movin'
world like a champ and own it. You can shift into
the right gear of a fast pace world with the ease of
slipping into a warm hot tub, that has no other occupants
until your ready to invite them in. Then the party begins.
Are you ready, now?

It may seem so hard to change things, it's not. Just set your mind to it and start doing it. Don't wait any longer, start celebrating your life, your existence now. Make everyday Halloween, or Valentines day, or Christmas. Whatever day you prefer. It's your life. Rejoice! Be contagious, let your cheer be felt and shared. Take five minutes a day and just breathe. Then add on another five minutes and be thankful. Then add on five more minutes if you can afford it between texting and catching up on your favorite shows, and list all the things that you'd like to do and haven't got around to it. Keep it in a note pad. Cross out things as they get done on your lists, create new lists, get it done: help your in-laws with the lawn or the painting of the garage, whatever you want done, you can do it. Be that guy.

dj set. 
Do you know Eric Morillo?

over 2 hours and sooo many good songs. Can you believe it? Free!!!! the future is now. LET'S SHARE IT.

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