Monday, December 31, 2012


    Who would of thought that this year would end on such a good note, right?-We're still alive and more than willing. Willing to what? whatever you got, right? I know tonight is gonna be a good one, whatever you decide to do. Crazy party wearing funny hats, or alone at home wearing a costume. Don't let anyone pressure you to do anything that you don't want to do. If you don't feel like celebrating the new year surrounded by tons of  people you don't know and just feel awkward around, fuck it, go to a bar you really want to go to or rent that movie you wanted to watch, and have been putting off for a while. Get some ice cream, and some sweet ass toppings and do it right. If you want to celebrate the new year alone and having a drink alone that's alright. Fellas just remember, alcohol is a depressant. Even if you weren't depressed before you started drinking you can almost bet you will be, and if you have enough of even the prettiest and sweetest of drinky-poos, you'll call people you haven't spoken to for a while, and leave sad messages you may regret, in the morning. Stick to the ice-cream and the dvd set you love so much and can watch over and over and over. Get to sleep early if you want and get an early start on working out the year. You can always go out, when other people don't have so many expectations hanging on one particular night. Every night can be New Years, if you really want to, you know that life is what you make it. Let's make it.

DJ Pierre 75 min Boiler Room Los Angeles DJ Set 

             OH SNAP ITS A SET


Tomorrow is Tuesday already, and ... are ...ready?


fellas you know what?
its gonna be good

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