Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Feb 24, 2016

Heeeey there my little tasty bite-sized lemon cheesecakes! How goes it in the land of never ending edible pastries and delicious doughnuts? Oopsies my bad, I was just a little hungry there for a craving. I meant how goes it in the land of the living?  The real world? The world where people have to work to eat or do house chores. The world where people have to go to school early (if you're lucky enough, in some cases). Hopefully all is good. How is it going out there Germany? - BTW you never post comments on manwasidrunk, go ahead, it's free. I wish you all luck and good health. I mean that BTW (by the way): manwasidrunk wishes you ALL good health and great luck today, Wednesday.
    In continuing with plans I have, feeling good is top of the list, and that means being good mentally, physically and spiritually. I plan on feeling good AND then feeling better. Impossible!, you cry. Not so. I want to feel awesome, and I know that takes some work and some planning, well I'm working on it. Posting on here, and the simple act of mentioning my intent, reinforces this. Besides serving as a reminder to me about my plans and wishes. Keeping us focused. Its a heavy political year out here in the USA and NoHo by default. Lots going on, so we have to remain focused. Lots going on in the world. This planet and it's people, our people are going through a whole lot. I send well wishes and peace and some quiet for those that need it. Peace. Manwasidrunk

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