Friday, February 19, 2016

, Friday Feb 19 2016

Good news my bouncy bouncy sponge cakes!-I am not MORE sick! I did not get worse after spending an evening in the cold drizzling air the other night. I still have the sniffling nose and the occasional buid up. It is, however minimal. I don't have the aches or pains from the past couple of days. I did develop a rash from the layering and the sweating I presume. That is almost gone also. Whew! I hope you guys are doing GREAT. Since this is the weekend I feel I should warn you guys; be real careful guys because if you surround yourselves with great people and decide to spend some time just hanging out or sharing yard work or cooking duties, you may have TONS OF FUN. it's Friday, guys. Are you ready? Manwasidrunk.

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