Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday Feb 18. 2016

Gooooood morning my little chimichangos. It is raining today in the NoHo. It's been raining since last night. I don't feel any sicker, which is awesome, considering I spent a good chunk o' time in the elements last night. Everyone and everything just goes a little bit nutty in LA when we get a little wet. People's anxieties are visibly heightened. We cannot and will not happily accept precipitation. We won't celebrate it by dressing up in gear and going to get some coffee.  We no longer make a day of it, it is something to dread. When did this happen, and why did no one tell me? I am sooo out of style. Typical. Well I still was out buying things and eating things, many little things, like a squirrel stuffing my mouth, surprised? Of course not. That's just how we do (things) at manwasidrunk. Are you guys ready? It's Thursday. Enjoy.

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