Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday feb 23, 2016


   HELLO my powdered and sweetened tasy cakes, I plan to have a great week. I will try to sleep well, remain hydrated by drinking plenty of water and some juice to balance off the coffee that kicks off the day (need that coffee, Damn!). I plan to incorporate cleaning at the end of the day to avoid all the house work accumulating at the end of the week. Making for a painful Friday night (it just kills any CrazySexyCool plans I can imagine). I plan to continue exercising and perhaps adding a couple of minutes more to it, now that I seem to be adjusting to my new schedule, and am no longer perpetually exhausted. I am no longer sick either (praises to all the higher powers!-HA). I am getting there, chimichangos! I have plans for getting better and hope you guys are coming along for the ride.
    I recently began eating salads again, every day. You forget how delicious they are, until you have the time to enjoy one again. They can add up and be costly if you buy them prepackaged, so I make them, but they are time consuming. I did not have the time for these for several months. Always running from one job to the next. You have to wash the greens then dry the greens (otherwise your salad will be too watery). You must peel the carrots, or wash them very well, or peel the oranges or whatever depending on the availability of ingredients.  Essentially you can put anything you like as long as you add some healthy raw vegetables or fruits that need to be chewed. Your body does all the work of breaking down these foods. Overall I  didn't have the time for salads before, but now I do. I am so glad, can you tell?  This is just one of the things that I am able to do and am so glad to be fortunate enough to do. I will not take this for granted. I have the extra minutes, I will use them wisely. How are you guys doing? I truly hope that you are able to firstly recognize, and secondly, enjoy the gifts that life drops at your feet. I will gladly remind you and myself whenever I can. Peace. Manwasidrunk.





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