Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thursday Feb 25, 2016

   Heeeey there my little tasty bite-sized lemon cheesecakes! How goes it in the land of never ending edible pastries and delicious doughnuts? Oopsies my bad, I was just a little hungry there for a craving. I meant how goes it in the land of the living?  The real world? The ttle tasty baked sweet buns! How goes it today, Thursday? I hope all is good and we get a chance to dance all night tonight!  Well on second thoughts, I have got to work tomorrow, so maybe we wait until the weekend for the dancing. I have however managed to incorporate a few minutes of working out into my day. I have begun doing the world famous "push-up". I haven't done them regularly in quite a while (several years!). I know. I found out that this exercise targets the part of the body that I had been neglecting. The upper body. I still exercise my legs and my stomach very regular, for a few years now. I needed to tone these as they took any shape they liked. It was never a shape one would gladly display at beach blanket bingo parties, or all male massage parties held at the local sauna. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit about the local sauna being a place anyone would want to visit, let alone attend a party at. A massage party? Dream on. I would never be invited as I would massage everyone attending that allowed me. Piggy.
  Any how, I didn't like the shape my lower body took because it moved like it was made of pudding. I still basically have the same shape, mind you. My legs and stomach simple don't move as if erected out of vanilla pudding, anymore. To the exercise that I already do, I have added the push-up. I am still terrible at them. I can barely do a double digit. I shake like a newly hatched pterodactyl towards the end of doing these. I am improving. HA. That is my secret. Persistence. I am now sharing that secret with you. SHHH! keep it under wraps. Share it only with people you trust. Just kidding! Anyone can do anything if you set your mind to it. Are you guys ready to plan your next move? Manwasidrunk.


So damn cute. #theboyfriendadventures



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