Tuesday, January 12, 2016

DAVID BOWIE, goodbye. Tuesday


It's a sad couple of days here at manwasidrunk, my terderonies. As we say farewell to the man that literally changed the face of music. Every modern musician I love, was directly influenced by this man. Morrissey, Ian Mchulloch from the Bunnymen crew, Boy George, Madonna, the whole British music scene from the 1980'S that I dearly love and post about on here at manwasidrunk, was heavily borrowing from this dude. I cannot stress how influential he was, The Cure, The Killers the list just keeps going AND growing. It is during these times that we see how connected one person is to the other. A Space Oddity indeed, sir. Manwasidrunk salutes you. I salute you, goodnight-Ruben.





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