Friday, January 29, 2016


It's Friday I am so excited to see you guys here! I am doubly excited to say that the end of the month of January is here. It seems like just yesterday we feared what we would wear for Halloween so as to not appear like we desperately were sexually available (we at manwasidrunk, were). We wanted to look coy and down to earth while unleashing sexy havoc on the world by wearing small shorts! Now the end of the month is here and it just seems so fast. We lost a couple of very famous people and many not famous people. They still will all be missed by loved ones family members and friends. We here at manwasidrunk salute them all BUT more importantly, we salute those left to carry on with the memory of those departed and changing the world on a day to day basis while feeling a bit sad by an absence. But that is life. Every day alive is a good day to change, celebrate and remember. This is your life. Claim it as such. Manwasidrunk. PEACE.

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