Saturday, January 9, 2016


Well, I see that we made it to THE WEEKEND!  Congratulations to all of us (YAY). Now I am still lacking sleep because of the two jobs and all the stuff that still needs to get done. I am so happy that the minimum wage went up in SoCali, that is just not enough money to live on. Sorry Corporate America.  Pay more please. Finally we still need to be healthy and spiritually fit so all five of you manwasidrunk readers (love you guys!): LET'S PARTY.
If you are in the Los Angeles area:Bar Mattachine In DTLA. Just don't party too hard (work Monday and all) Sunday 3-8 pm. Be there. Manwasidrunk.

I don't really go out much anymore. I have been so busy these past couple of years looking for work, looking for different work, looking for work that pays more to be able to pay for cable television, and repair exploding closets (actually happened). Then working all the time, preparing lunches for the week, healthy, tasty and affordable lunches; it can be done easily with some time for planning. I have had hardly any time to myself and improve the blog that is Manwasidrunk! I have made time to comment almost daily, and get out by the end of the year. As witnessed by the pictures I posted of Mattachine Bar. I was so excited I had to share. Well this time I'm letting you guys know ahead of time. 
    Come and join us, Manwasidrunk, as we secretly AND unofficially celebrate with James Cerne, spinning, and Shawn Morales hosting (yes, you might recognize him from the 'pit crew' on television series 'Rupauls Drag Race' [I KNOW]). We're celebrating getting the heck out of the apartment, and the purchase of these awesome new Adidas kicks (luv) I posted earlier - teehee. You can similarly celebrate anything you want. Wear anything you like. I may be wearing my 'sharpie' etched homemade Manwasidrunk t-shirt (still punky, y'all!) Or I may go dressed like Madonna did in that role as an extra for "The Love Boat" waaay back when she was starting out. Think Steven, meets Natalie Wood in "Splendor in the grass" she was sooo good. -Just kidding y'all, Madonna didn't do The Love Boat. She, like many of us, did nudies. I may, however, look like Steven meets Natalie. :-)


hey guys don't forget to join Google and post your comments on here. Let us know what you thought about the Mattachine Bar if you live in the Los Angeles area and make it.  I'll be wearing something olive green or camouflage.

Pps say hi to gorgeous James Cerne, DJ and super hot Shawn Morales,  hosting.




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