Monday, January 18, 2016


Good morning! It's Monday. I had a great time this weekend. I ate cake! I ate the delicious Mexican dish of strawberry swirl enchurritos (not really), with tons of coffee (that is true). I didn't do much as for going out to the club or bar, as I usually don't and cannot (because of time and work). Hopefully that is changing. I hope to be spotted in all the hot spots in The Downtown Los Angeles, or as I playfully like to call it (and it's called in certain dirty alleys): DTLA. I hope you guys that are here in the area, may join us and bump into us. I am so excited. This year. Are you guys ready? Manwasidrunk.




Great Hammerhead. Bimini, Bahamas by Carlos Grillo

Cutie hammerhead and a tiny remora. =D

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