Saturday, January 23, 2016

METRO notice of public hearing -Saturday

Good morning chimichangos! It's the weekend, and we can do anything. I should rest, but as this is the first scheduled Saturday I've had off from working, since the Summer, and this is the first time my friends and I have been able to get together since the holidays, and I had to reschedule a doctors appointment because HE couldn't make it (not me), and because I like doing wonder woman dance moves early in the morning while listening to easy rock music; CHICAGO, AIR SUPPLY etc. because of these reasons I am up early, my hamigos. You guys try and have a good day, don't let me catch you slipping, and please be nice to others especially the crabby and bitter ones. Manwasidrunk.

PS I don't like to wake up early to dance like WonderWoman. I LOVE IT. Peace.


Nice bulge bro.

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