Sunday, March 8, 2015


SUNDAY DONEDAY, y'all! (...not really a thing....). What is up my nachasdelgrande#delicious. I am happy to say that all is good out here. I so super busy at any one point of the day. In sleep I find my dreams conjuring up plans and routes, and shortcuts; yesterday I was finding a different travel route and bus station over and over. I woke up thinking: was I really trying to find my luggage at a bus depot? ( a- I was searching, b- I woke up when I finally found it). I am super excited on so many levels and doing so many things. I am drinking water remaining hydrated first thing in the morning, almost religiously. I am stretching every muscle as it seems to help me sleep and feel great during the day. I hope that you guys are doing so great that you feel like you might explode! (-B.

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