Monday, March 16, 2015

Geographically-challenged freshman Senator Tom Cotton-Monday

     I will be honest today, do you remember child actor, Jerry O'Connell (from STAND BY ME, that nineteen eighties movie), had a brother that was a BACHELOR, as in the televised kind of bachelor? True, true.
     I would.also like to confess that I have been reading a few books in between finding a new job a new home because it keeps me focused and calm. Ethan Mordden wrote several short story books, many focused on a set of friends. Some are very funny, but very 1980's. I am now revisiting these. One of these made me cry the other day as I read the last pages of the last short story and they were trying to find a home for a new member that didn't quite fit in. It was sad, and ended happy. Naturally (of course) I picked up the next book that continued into the 1990's. Way after the initial trilogy. At the end of the first story I was crying again at the park, (I should probably try reading at home more btw- its just not as magical). It had gotten dark on me and the sun had gone down as well. I repeat, I am not sad, his stories had touched me and I allowed myself to feel it fully. I used to be able that a while ago and then I didn't. I stopped. I have been keeping busy and I don't see any slowing down nor do I want to, and I will hopefully continue to acknowledge my feelings all the joys, all the ups and downs, all the things that make me think and make me mad and yes make me sad. I will be okay with it and not think about it too much. I feel I should point out that I sometimes cry and it's okay, I would be okay with doing that once a day for all the things that trouble me, as long I don't dwell on them, and am able to also show my happiness and my anger. I have come clean. I am ready, are you guys ready?

Moreover we have to stand up to Iran’s attempts to drive for regional dominance. They already control Tehran, increasingly they control Damascus and Beirut and Baghdad and now Sana’a as well.
—  Geographically-challenged freshman Senator Tom Cotton is concerned that Iran controls its capital.   Several on Twitter noticed the gaffe and questioned Cotton’s Harvard credentials.

"They already control Tehran." Is this the first time a country’s control of its own capital city has been taken as evidence that it is driving for regional dominance and must be stopped? WTF. “We have to stand up to France’s attempts to drive for regional dominance. They already control Paris …”
And this guy is leading almost all of the Republicans in the Senate on how to approach dealings with Iran. Leading them, apparently, into outrage over Iran having control of its own capital. (Daily Kos)
CBS’ Schieffer to Tom Cotton: Will You Write A Letter To N. Korea Too? (video)

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