Friday, March 6, 2015


Hey little tacos machos,!! I hope all is good in the land of the realz and in your internet universe (WWW y'all). I am possibly gonna change jobs pretty soon as I am waiting for a call back from a possible new employer, as my current job is just not enough to eek out a living. I do declare. I found a job that hopefully works out. I am also looking to possibly get a new hair style, hopefully one that involves braids or pony-tails, we'll wait and see on that though as I already have so many things in the air as of now. I am so positive and hopeful that I know I will get a job that allows me to finally pay for better internet and gives me more free time to post and create, instead of always looking at jobs post hoping to find something. If you guys know of anybody looking to hire a website moderator or just someone with tons of style and possibly demure braids with some ribbons (that I can change according to the season), or a tennis player pony tail, still undecided, please contact me on my e-mail y'all. Or just tweet me as soon as I get my twitter account going. Stay posted everybody. manwasIdrunk!! (party in the pit)


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