Wednesday, January 22, 2014


    If you ever plan to visit Los Angeles, California, come to the Griffith obsevatory, at the amazing GRIFFITH PARK. The observatory has the best view of lala-land as you can see from the pictures I've posted. Bring your camera-phone, or a good camera, because you will get some painfully beautiful pictures. The views outside, and around the observatory (from where my pictures were taken) are free. You can totally make a day of it. You can walk all around the observatory and get some pictures of the city of angels, continue to walk just a couple of steps more, around the structure and get yourself some pictures of the city of Hollywood, and the old round Capitol Records building. If you pay close attention just to the right of the city and sitting hazily on some type of foliage, is the Hollywood sign. Now that's a selfie that makes sense! You, sultry, full lips pouting, with that famous sign, sitting boldly on a hill, or not. It's your choice! It's free! After you take some awesome selfies, you continue to walk a couple of more steps towards the Hollywood side of the breath-taking views, and you will come face to face with JAMES DEAN'S face. The statue erected a couple of years back to honor the filming done here for the film Rebel without a cause. More pictures for your photo album!! Bitches gonna be jealous-POUT!!
    Be sure to bring a sandwich, some potato chips, and a big drink,because it can get hot up here! There are some benches and tables throughout for you to chomp down, or you can just lay your sweater down and sit on the lawn and enjoy. There is a concession stand, if you do not want to be seen around Los Angeles, carrying anything as crass as food and drink. You can always purchase something to throw down your hungry pie-hole.
    If you liked your trip, you may want to go several times during your stay (and seriously, who can blame you?). It is genuinely awesome, and did I mention it's free? That is not the end. There is a great big park that surrounds the observatory, it's called Griffith Park. It's got many walking trails that are hicked many times a day by as many angelenos. You will inevitable bump into many of these mobile individuals if you visit the observatory, as they cross paths, again and again. The park is pretty big, and has a distinct feel, in the early morning, that differs greatly from the afternoon, as well as on the weekend, compared to the weekdays-oh so different! So if you get a chance, and are in the neighborhood, come visit this historic gem.
PS The Los Angeles Zoo is located on the other side of the park, across the road, is the Western Museum fyi.-manwasidrunk

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