Sunday, January 26, 2014


I've been on afternoon hikes, walks and runs in Griffith Park. These are also breathtaking tasks, as the LA sun begins to cast long shadows. It's also a great time to get some breathing/exercise time when work keeps you busy all morning. Clear your head, get some clean air thinking time, here. I feel it's too hot for my tastes, to be running around Los Angeles (yes, even the great Griffith Park), in the afternoon. I heat up real quick. Many, many people prefer the afternoon, twilight, hours to work out. I get it. If your body tolerates it, and you enjoy it, why wouldn't you do it? Working out makes you feel so *fricking ( used instead of curse word) good!  I used to go out drinking so much more when I didn't get some kind of exercise. I don't know how I did it, or when I had the time! As a bonus, I have saved up enough money to buy a small grayish elephant that I keep near me constantly. All the money I saved! Okay I haven't really managed to save any money at all, let alone enough to buy a small pachiderm that would be adorned constantly, I might add! That I haven't managed to save a cent I blame on the awful economy. F-you bad economy! In any event, I no longer drink much, nor do I miss it. It's a non-issue until advertisers or friends that need to drink at all times insist on you drinking, also  (yea... I know) make it an issue. I didn't spend much on drinks. I sleep much better. I feel better. Give it a whirl (hiking/walking/running), you can sweat out all the bad things in your life and be ready for anything!
Just sayin'-manwasidrunk.

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