Friday, January 24, 2014


    Griffith park is amazingly cool, first thing in the morning. The clean, cool air hits you like a cold glass of lemonade first thing in the morning. If you walk for more than 15 minutes, that cold glass of lemonade begins to sound more delicious. It is pine scented air, mixed with moist earth. This is a great place to come and hike, it gets your blood going. You don't really have to do much to get in on this game. Put on your sneakers, or hiking boots, some shorts and a hooded sweatshirt (that will soon enough be wrapped around your waist as your temperature begins to rise, regardless of the temp. around you). It is a genuine rush, to be doing this first thing in the morning. It gets all your senses going. 
    The adrenaline kicks in at about the thirty minute mark of any hike/walk you may journey on and that is when the fun really starts. 
    It may just be me, but I have to carry a handkerchief, because my nose just goes crazy with all the oxygen rushing into my body. A while ago, I used to feel like I couldn't breathe, and I was suffocating. My nose running, overwhelmed. I began carrying around tissues or a handkerchief and simply started blowing my nose while I ran, walked or hiked, and the difference was gigantic. I don't know why this happens, but my nose just starts running. It's not the prettiest I look, but the feeling just gets better and better. Truthfully, It's a buzz, a rush, a high, if you will. I do not need to pay for chemicals or drinks to alter my state, anymore. I find that hiking or walking for 30+ minutes, will give me a sense of intoxication. It's pretty cool. I'm definitely gonna do this more often. How about it? You guys ever try walking or hiking first thing in the morning?

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