Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tuesday Dec 27, 2016


Good morning my little tasty puffy pastries! You never know what the day is going to bring, especially if that day is part of the last week of the year (it is), this is the last Tuesday of this year fellas, get your yayas out! If you have a pair of beatle boots, and they still fit, today could be a perfect day to wear them, as all things are go this week! "Silver mid-calve boots are my thing!" you say? Well do it! Today is the day for them. Mind the weather, and you should be able to rock your socks off! Speaking of rocking articles of clothing off, I am wearing fancy underwear, that feels a bit funny, but looks awesome! Try to carry an extra pair of underwear as you never know where the day and romance will lead you and you may not make it home to shower and change into clean clothes. Besides it's always good to have an extra pair to barter with and generally give away as discreet gifts to people who see your undies as the best gift of this season! It's the end of the year!!!! AAARRGG I'm so excited, all right guys, are you guys ready for this??? sure, sure we'll wait go get the extra pair, and a toothbrush! Don't forget the toothbrush. Good morning and good luck. LET'S GIT THIS ON. ManwasIdrunk!







Tuesday Dec 27,

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