Monday, December 26, 2016

Monday Dec 26, 2016

WHEWWWW! How did it go??? It wasn't too bad, now was it? I hope you got what you wanted this past Christmas, especially if it was human interaction and the ability to socialize. I hope you laughed till you puked, truly fun times. I got so much interaction and mingling done that I don't have to see another human being for two days and I'd be perfectly okay with it. It is back to work for many, myself included. It will be nice to see the coworkers and discuss a possible trade in left overs or ill fitting presents, I hope you guys did off the charts as far as getting along along with the friends and family, also I  hope you're ready for more this weekend. That's right, we're not done celebrating! This weekend is NEW YEARS EVE. I'm not the best at New Years parties, the staying up these past couple of years has killed me. I literally didn't go to parties so that I could sleep. Terrible? YES. Worth it? SO WORTH IT. I needed sleep. We'll see about this year (however, I am tired right Good luck guys! Okay it's Monday, muchachos (spanish for boys), And all systems are GO, Are you guys ready? Sure go ahead bring your santa hat, we don't mind.


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