Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thursday Dec 22, 2016

It's raining in the NoHo Cali USA

Hey fellas welcome to Thursday and I hope you are all well. I got sick yesterday, a little under the weather. Sore throat, sore bones, a runny nose and a sweet, sweet cough that scares people, that was my day yesterday. it rained yesterday so it was beautiful around the NoHo. I am better today, feeling a bit thankful that the worst has passed. Okay guys just a couple of days left to Christmas and I was surprised to see that stores are still pretty well stocked. If you've got some shopping to do, and you're running late (as some of us tend to be around this time of year), there's still hope. Are you guys ready? okay let's do this! ManwasIdrunk!

Okay guys, it’s officially time to start concentrating even more of our protest efforts on how we’re going to stop Trump from ruining the environment

Samantha Bee had a few frightening notes on Trump’s EPA and Energy picks.

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