Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Gooooood mooning my little tostadas of joy and laughter! It is Wednesday as you may have guessed, it's early enough that I am still asleep, sorta. Xmas cards are almost all done. I am almost finished with my Christmas tree costume that I will wear for the rest of the month as I lounge around the apartment sipping warm apple cider. Just kidding I don't know where to go for warm apple cider. So how are you guys doing this time of the month? Don't stress out, whatever you do. Take a deep breath and remember to enjoy the season. Spend time with those you love, or find people that need some company. You help calm each other down. Enjoy the lights, the weather, the food. Forget about buying happiness, make it happen by surrounding yourself with love and good wishes for all, all day, everyday. C'mon guys it's that time of year. Don't make yourselves miserable...ready? Manwasidrunk.



Jockey Dad in nylons Y´s

Excellent stuff.

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