Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Heey Heeeey hey! My sweet little puffy cakes! How goes it in the land of the reality living? Not that social media/internetting living, the real thing, huh? A little less glossy than the internet living, but so much more engaging and human. Yes a bit more frustrating but worth it in the evolution of oneself, in the long run. Engage my chicos! Jump in. Get your hands dirty.  Make the things that you want to happen...well, happen. Become realized. 2016 y'all!  READY??? Ready or not!  Here it comes. (Don't worry about it, we'll do this) Manwasidrunk.

Pass me from one generation to the next and back again…i’d happily serve both of Them.

As I lay there, naked and tied up to the table with my legs spread and hole being pounded by His Bros, i could only look up and see Him, sitting there, laughing, waiting His turn to shove His White Irish Cock in my black ass.

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