Thursday, December 24, 2015


MERRY CHRISTMAS! and all coinciding Holidays! Anything to take an opportunity to celebrate and enjoy good people and good times! Memories are made of this! It is Thursday my smallish pound cakes! How are we holding up this season? Hopefully you were able to get by with the smallest of stress and sleeplessness. If that wasn't the case,you need to spend more time at the manwasidrunk school of "relaxation and letting life be" but don't take the course in " I surrounded myself with big and healthy dudes and drank all night, now I don't know who's underwear I'm wearing but they're not mine and I ended up with an extra pair??-but now I'm late for work" (that course is an advanced course, definitely NOT for beginners. Have a good day y'all! Manwasidrunk.

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