Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Check Monday for todays post, as this is YESTERDAYS post. Sigh. Teehee


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Monday is tearing my heart out! Just kidding Monday is not so bad. I did have a lovely lovely weekend. I was so relaxed and got so much done, that it was the first time in a long time (since JANUARY), that I haven't felt I was running on a deficit of sleep, money, stability or ambition, and it felt very good, my little papi (tas). So Monday is just another glorious day, as far as I'm concerned. Ready and up for anything/anyone. How about you guys? Are you getting everything done that you'd like? All your goals on target? So what if the goal is more sleep and rest...just as long as you're meeting your goals, right?
   BTW - don't forget to allow yourself to get checked to see how deep is your love truly, and vice versa. (The BeeGees will never sound the same to you ever again- teehee)

young beef  | ↩ | ❌

thick ‘n juicy  | ↩ | ❌

woof  | ↩ | ❌

look at all the pretty colors!  | ↩ | ❌

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