Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday -supposed to be Tuesdays cause Mondays post posted Tues.

My dear PupNtacos, as I make my way through this world of two jobs and no extra money (as of yet, because of debts accrued since January), and not really any free time (yep,friends are becoming scarce and super-dance-party time is nonexistent). I am slowly getting adjusted to this schedule. I am not as tired, now that rent is paid my out look is looking phenomenal. My actual day to day doesn't look super sophisticated or chic. I sleep (better), wake up, get stuff done, eat in between and try to stay awake while watching a dvd. I am super thankful, though. Manwasidrunk -ps howdeepisyourlove?

damn son  | ↩ | ❌

dirty str8 boys  | ↩ | ❌

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