Saturday, August 1, 2015


Saturday arrived with a big August boom! I slept in. Awww what a great day. I got so much done today. Almost done organizing my DVDs. I have a bigger collection of box sets (Full television seasons, cable series, cooking show dvds, wrestling sets) than I imagined. That is not including the sets I want to get: Southland, Shameless, Jurassic Park set, Xmen set really so so many more). The problem is that all my movies go in a big folder that fits many, many discs. The sets come in kool boxes that you wanna keep intact. It's time to start choosing which boxes will remain and which will go, as I already have a big issue with boxes around my place. I feel boxed in...get it? :-b

Hanes, Thursday

Fruit of the Loom Friday

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