Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Religious extremists to establish theocracy in America.A relationship should not drain you.-Wednesday

A relationship should not drain you.
A relationship should be about building each other up, together as a team.
Don’t be in a relationship if it doesn’t improve your life over being single.
it’s ok to be with yourself.
Read this. And then read it again.
applies to friendships too

Religious extremists to establish theocracy in America.
If Americans think for a second this religious crusade to impose theocracy on the nation is only about gays or women, they seriously need to think again. The fundamentalists’ crusade is for the right to discriminate in public accommodations and hiring practices, to interfere with every American’s  family formation, sexual intimacy, and childbearing decisions. The Christian fanatics also want the right to use public funds and buildings to propagate biblical values and priorities in schools, and all while freeloading on taxpayer-funded infrastructure without contributing because they are tax-exempt. The religious Republicans also demand to legislate their biblical right to withhold medical care for women and children as exemplary followers of Christ exercising religious liberty. On that account, President Obama finally broke the unwritten law against uttering an unkind word against Christian barbarism during Tuesday’s Easter prayer breakfast. He is the first politician to recognize that America’s neo-Christian movement is as a far afield from Christ’s teachings as the Sun is from the Earth and it was a welcomed and praiseworthy acknowledgment.
If the religious right wants a war, they are damn sure going to get one because the overwhelming majority of Americans are finally getting a real-time look at what American neo-Christianity’s version of religious liberty entails and how it will ultimately affect their lives. If nothing else, the firestorm over Indiana’s so-called religious freedom law exposed the evangelical and religious Republican movement’s intent to use religion to subvert every other Americans’ equal and civil rights.
It is likely that most Americans comprehend that not only will the 21st Century American Crusade be against the gay community and women, but any American that fails to comply with whatever religious edict Republicans legislate on behalf of evangelical extremists. Make no mistake, today it is legislation legalizing discrimination against gays and restricting women’s access to reproductive care and next it will be legislation mandating church attendance, forced prayer in public schools, and limiting voting to white Christians; all ideas that have been proposed by religious Republicans.
—  Rmuse, on the latest call by religious extremists to establish theocracy in America.

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