Saturday, April 4, 2015

We got the meats!!!!- Saturday

I love the tag line to that one sandwich place "we got the meats"

It is Saturday and once again it was a long break from when I was off the WWW, it seemed forever, it felt like forever for sure. I was out of internetz as it were. I had eaten all of the internet I was allotted, weird. I felt like we need internet to function in this day and age. I can only imagine that there are people that have to go out of their way, to get access to internet that can not afford it any other way. It is terrible. I could not look up jobs, fill out applications, most things professionally require internet. Here's to making it more affordable if not free (with or without ads, don't matter, you need it). But we are here again, and hey to everybody that emailed me during this break!! heeey y'all   ;-)      manwasIdrunk!

      My little chicken tenders WE GOT THE MEATS!!!!


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