Thursday, April 23, 2015


OMG- Taquitos. Hillary Clinton is now running, officially. So much has gone on since last we spoke. WE HAVE THE MEATS is now a real thing (I think ... or maybe I just believe it should be). Work has been keeping me sooo busy, you wouldn't believe me if I told you, and they try to pay you less and less and work off the clock and squeeze every ounce of sweat they can, while paying you sooo little. The answer is no, my taquitos, I still haven't found another job. I am still looking. How about you guys how are you all doing? Everything going good in The Reelz ? ( that would be my name of my reality show if I made one about the real world outside of the social networks, and in real time. Mainly about taking out the garbage and getting bills paid on time, while trading snide remarks with loved ones- You Like?)

Texas GOP Removes Public Integrity Unit's Power To Investigate Or Prosecute Texas GOP (VIDEO)
Texas GOP Removes Public Integrity Unit’s Power To Investigate Or Prosecute Texas GOP (VIDEO)

On April 20, Texas republicans voted to protect themselves from ethics investigations, by placing “elected officials” into a special class of public entities that cannot be investigated by the state’s Public Integrity Unit.
Under House Bill 1690, The Travis County Public Integrity Unit, which was created to investigate political corruption, will no longer be able to investigate the state’s…
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